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Real Estate Agent Selection

Real estate agents are used by most homebuyers and sellers when they buy or sell a home. But, not all buyers and sellers have the same degree of success. Real estate transactions can be complicated, and they are often stressful. Finding the right agent to assist you through the experience will make a big difference in your satisfaction level.

Look for an experienced agent who is professional and knowledgeable and one you can trust. The agent should have expertise in the area where you want to buy or sell. One that is energetic and resourceful. Be sure to find an agent whom you can develop a good rapport with.

In selecting an agent one of the most important qualities to consider is the rapport you have with that agent. How long it will take you to buy or sell a home can not be predetermined. It could take months. The transaction could go relatively smoothly, or there could be obstacles along the way. If you have a good working relationship with your agent, you'll be able to work through challenging situations with a less or no stress. Good communication and teamwork are essential to a successful transaction.

How do you determine a good agent?. Your first impressions should tell you a lot. Rapport being the first consideration, don't even consider working with someone who turns you off. You might meet an agent who is overly aggressive, or, an agent might not be as aggressive as you would prefer. If you don't relate well the agent's style, or, the agent is not aggressive enough, find an agent the subtleness or the get-up-and-go to meet your requirements. Your agent should make your real estate transaction less stressful not more stressful for you. Your agent and you should make a good personality fit.

Personal recommendations from people whose opinions you trust are your best source of agent referrals. Visit Sunday open houses in the area where you'll be buying or selling. Visiting an open house gives you an opportunity to observe an agent in action without having to make a commitment. If you like what you see, make an appointment to talk further with the agent.

FIRST-TIME SUGGESTION: Be sure to ask the agents you talk with whether they have enough time to give you the attention you deserve. If the agent is spread too thin, you won't be satisfied with the service you receive. A good agent will be candid with you and tell you up front if they're too busy to take on another client,
Good agents interview you when you are interviewing them. The best agents deliver quality service and are usually in high demand. These agents are selective in terms of the buyers and sellers they choose to work with. They're looking for buyers and sellers who are serious, trustworthy and with whom they can develop a good rapport. Price should not be a determining factor.

Most real estate agents are paid on a commission basis. They only get paid when a home sale closes. The best agents manage their time wisely to accomplish the greatest number of clients with satisfied closings.

THE CLOSING: Make sure you understand upfront who you'll be working with and what the responsibilities are. Know and interview any assistants that you are required to work with to make sure you feel comfortable with this arrangement. If not find another agent.

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